Denmark is killing Tesla

June 12, 2017

Source: Denmark is killing Tesla

A little what it is like to live in darkness

June 3, 2017

A new day

Rain lights inside.doc


May 24, 2017

Source: Theresa

Poem on Easter

April 23, 2017

New poem from Susan.

One Easter Eventide.doc

many memories of longing for home

April 1, 2017

Hi. I hope this poem gels with you.

Oh, for home.doc

Night travels into morning

March 7, 2017
Winter Snow
A poem about waking up in the morning.
Winter Snow
Yahoo Mail Stationery

Night traveks twi.doc

My musical evening

February 6, 2017
Winter Snow
An inspirational moment at home
Winter Snow
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A musical recovery.doc

Savoring the moment

January 12, 2017
Winter Snow
Being on the computer in the morning.
Winter Snow
Yahoo Mail Stationery

Savoring the Moment.doc

A meditative moment

December 13, 2016

this is a prewriting moment.

A time to meditate two.pdf

writing about writing

December 4, 2016

Hi All,
Where do you get your inspiration when you begin to write. Some of us get thoughts in the bath tub. Let me know where some of you get your ideas. Susan

a time of Meditation two.doc