Night travels into morning

March 7, 2017
Winter Snow
A poem about waking up in the morning.
Winter Snow
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Night traveks twi.doc

My musical evening

February 6, 2017
Winter Snow
An inspirational moment at home
Winter Snow
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A musical recovery.doc

Savoring the moment

January 12, 2017
Winter Snow
Being on the computer in the morning.
Winter Snow
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Savoring the Moment.doc

A meditative moment

December 13, 2016

this is a prewriting moment.

A time to meditate two.pdf

writing about writing

December 4, 2016

Hi All,
Where do you get your inspiration when you begin to write. Some of us get thoughts in the bath tub. Let me know where some of you get your ideas. Susan

a time of Meditation two.doc

the early morning air is still

October 11, 2016

the early morning air is still and sharp, pebbles crunch underfoot; wind-falls fill the compost; under bunches of apple-bowed branch I duck; open broken compost lid, chuck in pomaceous peel, used t…

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Next poem a Rainy November 11

September 19, 2016

This poem is written about people who have lost sons and daughters.

A rainy November 11 pt 2.doc

drunk on mere words

September 1, 2016

i get drunk on mere words, only tipsy with wine, if cops say: walk – my feet true to line! i do enjoy beer drinking but stop at glass two, i’m the old fashion type, no el-vino yahoo! with man…

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Angels Unawares: a little riff on Hebrews 13

August 28, 2016

One of the set readings for this Sunday, whose theme is hospitality, is the beautiful opening of Hebrews 13 which reads: Let brotherly love continue.Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for the…

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our sense of voice on November 11

August 20, 2016

This poem is about the people who have lost loved ones in wars.

Rain on November.doc